About Us

In a world where giant record labels’ contract terms and pressures for social media standards take musicians away from their craft, our goal is to enable artists to focus solely on creating their art.

Founded in 2019, 308 Media recognizes the struggle artists face to deliver music, while dealing with the non-creative processes required. ‘Releasing music’ comes with important administrative work like claiming rights to content, coordinating music platform distribution, ongoing social media engagement, promotions management, legal counseling, and much more.

This offers musicians a difficult decision to consider: Either sign with a classic record label that will facilitate the non-creative work while claiming a large portion of the earnings, or try to do everything independently but risk their music going unheard among the millions of tracks circulating online today...

We love music. We understand you want to focus only on your music and make a living with it. We understand you need the peace of mind to create art, and we are here to provide you with that along with the tools to help you get there.