Nova Roma

Singer, Guitarist, Composer

Arman Zenginpedük, musician and lawyer, was born in 1991 in Ankara, Turkey. He started his musical journey by playing the trombone for the school orchestra at the age of 12. Heavily influenced by rock and metal music during the high school and college years, he played the bass guitar and the guitar in various bands, released songs and played in live performances.

In the Fall of 2018, he moved to Istanbul and in 2020 he started telling his story under the name of “Nova Roma”, the project which Arman gathered the songs he wrote and recorded at his home studio in, combines the journey of one’s self-discovery in loneliness, with the motives of alternative music.



Founded in Istanbul, Turkey by Anıl Can (vocals, guitar), Mert Berkay Saraç (bass, synth piano) and Tuğrul Yanık (drums, beat) ; Voyvo have been mixing raw feelings with a unique energy since 2016. They released their first single ‘Renksiz’ the year they started their journey and kept on playing high-energy shows for a year. Later on, they won the 19th Battle of the Bands by radyoboğaziçi and recorded their first album “Bir Garip Aşk Hikayesi” which was released on February 2018.

Following the release, Voyvo played several gigs in various venues including open-air festivals and kept on creating new music. Released in June 2020, the band’s latest single “Gitmek İçin Vakit Çok Erken” delves into a darker side and carries a deep criticism of one’s self and the exposed.



Founded by Soner Avcu (vocals, guitar), Ozgur Topçuoglu (bass, guitar) and Birkan Basoren (drums), Mesafeler promises to bring back the awaited tones of the Turkish Rock Music. Although the band members claim they are inspired by the genres like rock, pop, blues and hip hop; Mesafeler creates a unique vocal-focused style with the generous support of a rich musical sound. With a free, careless, cool attitude, Mesafeler challenges time and current trends with hard, raw, striking sounds and completely unfiltered, sincere lyrics and arrangements.

After the release of the first single ‘Aman’ on April 2020, the band continues to drop a single every other month, assuring their fans they more music is on the way.